Tree is a follow on project from Letters from the Landscape, working with film, improvisation, text and movement.  You can read more about it here:  Tree


Letters from the Landscape is a site-responsive improvisation performance project running throughout 2021.  More information can be found here: Letters from the Landscape 

Letters from the Landscape 

Story of Now was an entirely improvised performance piece that incorporated music, movement and text and performed at Manipulate in 2020 and at the Traverse in 2019. 

Story of Now

If Light Appears was an Improvised performance piece that responded to the poetry of Sappho through movement, music and text.  Performed at Into the Now Festival in Glasgow and at Dundee Rep Stripped Festival in 2019 

If Light Appears

Fragment A was a performance that incorporated a combination of set text and improvisation working with Anne Carson’s ‘If Not Winter’ and performed at the Traverse in 2018. 

Fragment A