Letters from the Landscape

Letters from the Landscape is a site-responsive improvisation project.  

Throughout 2021 the intention is to share one short improvised piece of work via social media. Why? As a way to keep working, exploring, playing, developing and staying connected.  As a way to sustain an improvisation as performance practice while we do not have access to studios or each other.  As a way to commit to practice under the current circumstances. and most importantly as a way to keep discovering.  It is also a way to return to process.

Through the work of the ensemble I have been reminded, time and time again, of the power of committing to a creative process. I have long been inspired by Ray Bradbury’s advice to writers:

                    “Write a short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.”

Letters from the Landscape is my short story every week,  taken on in the full knowledge that many of them won’t work as well as I would like but on the other side of that clumsy coin is the possibility of discovering something new, something that I like, something that I want to keep.  Under what I refer to as “the law of creative statistics” at least one of them will be good. 

This is not to say the process does not make me feel nervous.  It does.  Social media makes me uncomfortable, the camera even more so.  However, wherever there is fear there is often also something interesting to uncover and part of my commitment to creative practice this year includes a return to blogging and documenting my process as it unfolds. 

Letters will be released on Instagram each week.  If anyone else out there would like to play along then feel free to join in.