2021 Review

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It has been so long since I have used the website I have almost forgotten how which says something about the year that Third Thread has had. It was, again, quiet. What else could we do? We still can not access a space that will allow us to return to work. It seems that the specter of lack of space continues to haunt us, COVID of course has not helped.… Read More »2021 Review


We have been quiet – externally at least. Internally the work as not stopped, we continue to stay connected as a company, work on our practice and to experiment with ways of creating. After our summer of lockown love in which we spoke every day and made work every week we wanted to take to reset with a new focus for the digital year ahead. And so Navigate emererged. Navigate… Read More »Navigate

Discovering Different Art Forms

During our Covid19-pandemic I have been struggling to keep practicing my art form. I am a dancer, I love to move, I love to spend all my physical energy on making impossible things possible. I keep seeing posts on social media saying how important it is to keep practicing and then there are the people who set themselves crazy goals to reach before the end of quarantine. Well, guess what?… Read More »Discovering Different Art Forms

Labels: the Limitation and the Liberation

By Eleanor Walker The nature of the world at the moment is a desire to quickly put people in boxes and put a label on them. These labels, whether they are seen as positive or negative, will undoubtedly have an effect on how people are perceived and treated. At times, labels can be hugely beneficial: they can provide a sense of identity, help people find like-minded individuals and can cultivate… Read More »Labels: the Limitation and the Liberation

A Studio for the Soul

In the ensemble we have been quiet.  Not with each other but with the world.  The world is currently also quiet and yet simultaneously incredibly noisy.  If I had the desire I could do wall to wall zoom calls, watch endless amounts of theatre and dance, take class after kindly offered class.   At the start of lockdown I experienced a sense of productivity panic – we must be seen to… Read More »A Studio for the Soul

From Here

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Now, I want to say, we are settling into a period of normalcy. Except of course there is no such thing. Practice, is practice, is practice, is practice and we do it from where ever we so happen to be. This week I had a lot of reasons not to work. Friday afternoon I found myself alone in the studio. I dislike alone a lot. So much so that I… Read More »From Here

Back to Basics

Last night we returned to the studio post-performance at Manipulate and, for the first time in over a year and a half, we have no scheduled performances up ahead. As thankful as I am for each of those opportunities I could feel a sense of tangible relief to be able to return to the simplicity of just being in the space to share practice with no outcome in mind beyond… Read More »Back to Basics

New Year, New Website

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Welcome to 2020 and do our new virtual home. Creating a website has been on our agenda for some time now, finally, we have managed to pull something together. Here we hope to share news about up and coming performances and workshops as well as writing about things that we discover together in the studio as we train together. To kick us off it seems appropriate to spend a moment… Read More »New Year, New Website