We have been quiet – externally at least. Internally the work as not stopped, we continue to stay connected as a company, work on our practice and to experiment with ways of creating. After our summer of lockown love in which we spoke every day and made work every week we wanted to take to reset with a new focus for the digital year ahead. And so Navigate emererged.

Navigate is a digital project meaning that many of those in the ensemble who would have normally moved on to pastures new can stay with us. As it currently stands we have participants in London, Slovakia, Germany, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. This has been a precious discovery – ways of continueing connection with people after they are physically away from the area. Beyond that much of Navigate is uncharttered terriotry. We don’t really know where it is going. It does what is says on the tin, it is a space for us to Navigate this time both alone in our creative work and together. We have many questions and very few answers.

Currently Navigate consists of daily check-in’s with each other, weekly intention setting, micro creative tasks, small project proposals for personal reasearch and a weekly gather where we share how our practice is going and where we hope it might go next. Will it change? Probably. In what way? I’ve no idea. I trust that things will unfold as they need to. What I do know is that it has been a gift to return to the simplicty of just being together, the core of the practice, the heart of the work which can so easily be lost in the race from project to project. It feels like a return to the home land, a crawl back into the creative cave from where we first emerged.

In the mean time I continue to explore what the current times have to say in relation to my own practice. With support from The Work Room I am researching a shift from ensemble work to solo practice as a way of both sustaining myself and of hopefully finding some new territory in which I can play. It’s early days but already feel a strong sense of spaciousness emerging, a slowing down and a restfulness that has been missing from my previous ways of being. I am hopeful for healthier ways of working moving forward.

All of which is to say the ensemble is still here, and with relationship back at the heart of the practice possibly we are here more than we have been for quite some time.

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