Back to Basics

Last night we returned to the studio post-performance at Manipulate and, for the first time in over a year and a half, we have no scheduled performances up ahead. As thankful as I am for each of those opportunities I could feel a sense of tangible relief to be able to return to the simplicity of just being in the space to share practice with no outcome in mind beyond a commitment to being together.

This, however, has not stopped us from making some plans for the future with two new project ideas finding their first few breaths during the course of the day. We are thankful to have been offered some studio space from Scottish Dance Theatre later in the year to help us begin to develop one of these potential new ideas and the other we will explore in our Friday sessions, with discussions for a collaboration with another Dundee based organisation already underway.

Predominantly, however, the ensemble currently needs some together digging around in the basics of the work. With four new performers joining in August it feels as though there was a massive shift in the room without the time to allow it to settle. When Third Thread started it was never with the ultimate aim of churning out performances, it was about developing a creative community who were committed to sharing a practice together. It is only in retrospect that we can see how some of that original intention has been lost over the last year and we are excited to get back to it.

So last night we threw some balls (of course), told some stories, played with a projector and pens, improvised as a group and ended with some massage. There was some laughing and some crying and lots of nonsense in-between. Nothing fancy, back to together, back to basics.

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