Third Thread is a Dundee based theatre company that are committed to working with an ensemble ethic.  We create multi-diciplinary improvised performances working with a combination of movement, music, media and text.  

The ensemble is made up of actors, dancers, musicians and artists who are committed to regulary training and performing together. 



Our next performance will be at the Manipulate Festival, Summerhall Edinburgh on February 1st.

We have been quiet – externally at least. Internally the work as not stopped, we continue to stay connected as a company, work on our practice and to experiment with ways of creating. After…
Discovering Different Art Forms
During our Covid19-pandemic I have been struggling to keep practicing my art form. I am a dancer, I love to move, I love to spend all my physical energy on making impossible things possible.…
Labels: the Limitation and the Liberation
By Eleanor Walker The nature of the world at the moment is a desire to quickly put people in boxes and put a label on them. These labels, whether they are seen as positive…

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