Third Thread is a Dundee based theatre company that are committed to working with an ensemble ethic.  We create multi-diciplinary improvised performances working with a combination of movement, music, media and text.  

The ensemble is made up of actors, dancers, musicians and artists who are committed to regulary training and performing together.  We currently run a weekly training session in Dundee and a monthly training session in Glasgow. 



In 2022 we will continue to research digital technology and its relationship with improvisation.

2021 Review
It has been so long since I have used the website I have almost forgotten how which says something about the year that Third Thread has had. It was, again, quiet. What else could…
We have been quiet – externally at least. Internally the work as not stopped, we continue to stay connected as a company, work on our practice and to experiment with ways of creating. After…
Discovering Different Art Forms
During our Covid19-pandemic I have been struggling to keep practicing my art form. I am a dancer, I love to move, I love to spend all my physical energy on making impossible things possible.…

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